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Elephant Consulting Group creates value through marketing, in its broadest sense and with a focus on the present, the future and the world.

At the heart of its system is international networking, to better connect the supply and demand of any economic activity.

With more than thirty collaborators active every day and more than five hundred if needed, thanks to a cohesive and polarised network of partners. Elephant Consulting Group understands, designs and implements differentiated strategies aimed at increasing financial results and positioning on an international scale.

Main Assets

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More skills, more

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Digital ecosystem development

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PR and Events

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Institutional Relations

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Multimedia design

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Digital Marketing and Communication

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Marketing and Communication Psychology

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Partnership Development

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Commercial Negotiation

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Our responsibility

Elephant Consulting Group has long sponsored non-profit organizations, mainly in the fields of sport, health and international cooperation.

Recently, it has become the leading investor and promoter of Veracura, an independent non-profit organization, intending to expand and accelerate the social impact of other non-profit bodies and big companies, worldwide.

Among the founders, the members of the scientific committee and Veracura’s resources possess and share experiences and international networks of the highest entrepreneurial, managerial, academic and institutional profile.

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Find out more on  Veracura.Network


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